Color Star Technology was invited to attend the International Investor Conference on December 1st

color star 11/25/2020 admin

On November 23, US Eastern Time, Color Star Technology (Nasdaq code: CSCW hereinafter referred to as Color Star or the company) officially announced that the company’s management will accept an official invitation on December 1 to participate in the "Diamond Equity Research Growth" investor conference.

It is understood that the meeting site will be broadcast through audio and web, and the meeting presentation will also be archived. After the event, the public can use the webcast link to watch the presentation. Color Star will plan a 20-minute presentation and a guided Q&A session.

 Diamond Equity Research provides institutional quality research for emerging growth companies that receive attention and is a leading provider of company-sponsored research. The research is fact-oriented and does not provide formal buying or selling recommendations or price targets. Diamond Equity Research is an accredited seller provider on leading institutional investor platforms such as Factset, Morningstar and Thomson One. This also fully demonstrates the authority of this conference, and also reflects that the recent achievements and profits of Color Star have been fully affirmed.

 Judging from the company’s just-released financial report and professional analysis report, Color Star is taking the "idol economy" as its advantage, and it is rapidly developing its entertainment business with online and offline marketing models. When a complete industrial circle is formed, it has more powerfully stimulated the continuous rise of US stock prices. By relying on a strong "fan base" to drive the online APP "Color World" content section, such as online courses, interactive live broadcasts, online performances, cultural and creative surroundings and other potential consumption power, combined with offline entertainment performances, student incubation bases and other entities. The influence of the project keeps spreading. This has undoubtedly deepened the confidence of investment banks and investors, adding another powerful weight to stocks.

 Next, Color Star will hold a "Color World Music Festival" tour around the world. The color team is currently making intensive preparations for the festival. At present, the concept poster and electronic sound version of the music festival have been officially released. It is believed that the "color star, color world" will bring you more exciting and sensational entertainment experiences.


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