The "Color World" global version of the APP covers globalization, focusing on integrating online and offline experience

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This week, Color Star Technology (Nasdaq: CSCW) officially announced that it will launch the "Color World" international version of the APP on December 31, which will be launched globally. This is another globalized APP following the launch of the Chinese version of the APP in September. It is understood that the "Color World" international version of the APP has more comprehensive content, and covers more regions and countries, which in the future will have a great base guarantee for the base of platform members. In addition, the international version of the APP pays more attention to the integrated experience of online and offline, so that members can feel more suitable for their own cultural and entertainment enjoyment.

Currently, the "Color World" international version of the APP is being tested, and the technical team has made more improvements and optimizations for its software content. Based on the content of the previously covered sections of the Chinese version of the APP, the international version will present increasingly new project content, such as ticketing agency, music copyright and so on. In the user experience, offline performances will be better integrated with software. Not only can you watch live performances online, but also add a lot of communication content, which allows members to interact with global audiences online even when they are not going out to watch the performance.


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After the announcement of the upcoming launch of the international version of the "Color World" APP, it also received publicity and attention from many media websites. Focusing on the more diversified development of the "fan economy", turning the Internet into a bridge and stimulating more consumption potential, the "Color World" has been constantly making breakthroughs.


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At the same time, the "Color World Music Festival" global tour plan is also in preparations. From the scale to the stage, from the lineup to the presentation method, the team is actively negotiating with local partners, and strives to bring everyone the most exciting performance.


"Color World Music Festival" is a well-known music festival brand in Asia and enjoys a high reputation in Asia. The music festival is divided into two versions: electronic music version and pop music version. Each music festival will gather the world's top artists and flow artists. As early as the beginning of September, the "Color World Music Festival" took the lead in hosting online performances. The performances brought by 11 international top coffees have attracted the attention of more than 30 million spectators around the world and received unanimous praise. The registered members of the APP also reached 50 million.

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