Color Star Technology to Launch Global Version of Its Color World App on December 31

color star 12/08/2020 admin

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: CSCW) (the "Company", or "Color Star"), an entertainment and education company that provides online entertainment performances and online music education services, today announced that an international version of its Color World App is currently undergoing testing with official launch scheduled for December 31, 2020.


Color World App launched its Chinese version on September 10, 2020, and since its launch in less than three months ago, the Chinese version has already attracted over 600,000 registered users and over 50 celebrity coaches. It currently offers online performances, live streaming, online celebrity classes, and celebrity and influencer co-branded products. The international version will further improve the complete platform content and cover a wider range. It will become a platform to attract world-renowned star artists and other professionals, and it will also provide global members with more diverse and culturally rich project content.


 At the same time, after the official release of the international version of the "Color World" APP, Color Star will quickly launch a series of online or offline entertainment performances, so as to use entertainment performances to create momentum and absorb More global audiences become platform members, providing a demographic base for new APP functions. The company expects to earn revenue through its "Color World" subscription service, with a monthly platform fee of USD $9.9 and an annual fee of USD $99.



Color Star’s CEO Luke said that the "Color World" international version will become another pillar of our entertainment infrastructure and promote online and offline integration. In 2021, we will promote it in more countries and regions, and hold various offline performances. We hope to use this app to provide more vivid and diverse content to our growing users.