Color Star Technology Inspected The Music Festival Venue And Ready For Star Culture Creative Products Launch On 25th October

New York 10/24/2020 Admin

Recently, the management team began to carry out the preparatory work for the festival intensively. On the 21st, the team came to the Barclays Center Stadium to conduct various inspections of the music festival venue. 


The Barclays Center Arena is the world's first multi-functional venue with a construction cost of more than $1 billion. This venue has hosted many sports events, such as the NBA Draft (2013), NCAA basketball games, boxing matches, and other events. In addition to sports events, the Barclays Center has hosted many famous entertainment fests, and the 2013 MTV Music Festival is one of them. 


The team was also quite satisfied with the venue capacity and various intelligent facilities at the inspection site. It looked forward to being here to show everyone the music scene brought by light, video, and audio. With the best performances and top venues, we will present a moving and exciting music festival. In addition to overseas, the color team is also conducting field trips to the festival venues in Hainan, China. The team is divided into multiple groups and speeded up the plan. 

10111213Color World Music Festival is jointly created by Color Star Technology and several labeled music festivals in Asia. In addition to performances, it will also derive more cultural and entertainment cooperation. For example, celebrity surrounding cultural and creative products are one of them.

On the 25th of this month, the Chinese version of the "Color World" app, a global cultural and entertainment sharing platform owned by Color Star, will officially open the star cultural and creative product section. On this platform, there are novel and diverse star peripheral products and original brand single products. Members can get their favorite items in the easy browsing process. And in the future, this section will combine large-scale performances such as the "Color World Music Festival" to launch conceptual and specialized cultural and creative products to meet more consumer demands.

"Color Star, Color World," the entertainment performance is structured into the real economy, not only via the combination of online and offline marketing models but also the influence and appeal of the entertainment performance itself for brand communication. The consumer group behind this is the loyal fan member who leads to the "Color World" via different channels.