Tribute To The Classics With Classics, Wu Muye Plays The Love Song Of Winter In Changsha, Hunan

color star 11/18/2020 admin


On November 15th, Wu Muye's "Chopin's Waltz Complete Works" piano solo world tour by Color Star Technology (Nasdaq: CSCW) was officially held in Changsha Concert Hall. Classical music that directly touches the soul, and a romantic classic that spans time and space. Wu Muye used his unparalleled piano skills to play the Love Song of Winter.


Wu Muye is a well-known international piano artist and has the reputation of "Golden Finger". Especially in classical music, Wu Muye has always been recognized for his talent. That night, Wu Muye was decent and noble. Sitting at the piano he was like a prince. When a key rang, everyone walked into his "gorgeous palace."


As the music flows slowly at the fingertips, the audience is also intoxicated and feels the cultivation of art. Especially after the performance, amidst the thunderous applause and cheers of the audience, Wu Muye returned to the show again and presented a new adaptation of "My Motherland" by him to return the enthusiasm of the audience in Changsha. The boiling point is completely ignited.



In the 90-minute performance, Wu Muye's presentation of Chopin's etudes was done in one go. It not only embodies his first-class skills, but also deeply embodies what he said to Chopin, "I want my work to become well performed". Many fans said that Wu Muye made himself a breakthrough in the boring cognition of classical music. After listening to Wu Muye’s delicate piano performance, he began to appreciate the elegant and gorgeous poetic atmosphere in classical music. It is based on such meticulous performance techniques that created such a wonderful emotional experience.



In addition, as the naming party for the performance, Color Star Technology also fully promoted the performance. Before the start, the promotion video was repeatedly scrolled on the big screen of the concert hall, and in conjunction with the pre-live broadcast, many audiences stopped and joined the "Color World" APP as members. At the same time, there is a leaflet on each seat. During the breaks of the performance, the audience also understands the content of its software platform in such a straightforward way.


In an interview with the media, Lu Zongyue, CEO of Color Star Technology, said: “We are very happy to have this opportunity to cooperate with Wu Muye, especially seeing such a successful performance tonight, which allows us to combine culture and entertainment in the future and build professional knowledge. The sharing platform is more confident".