Color Star Technology reached a cooperation with the UAE company to help the "Color World" international version of the APP to go online

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The new year has finally arrived. Color Star Technology (Nasdaq code: CSCW hereinafter referred to as: Color Star) and its subsidiary Color China have also brought full blessings to everyone here, and I wish you all: Happy New Year, Good health and family happiness.

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In the new year and a new beginning, Color Star is also fully exerting its efforts. Not only did it launch the international version of its global cultural and entertainment sharing platform "Color World" at the beginning of the year, it also launched its wholly-owned subsidiary Color China formally with the two companies. The United Arab Emirates ("UAE") company Multiple Events Dubai UAE ("Multiple Events UAE") and Hunter International Travel & Tourism LLC have reached a long-term strategic cooperation. In the future, the three parties will leverage on each other's advantages to develop cultural performances, cross-border tourism, In-depth cooperation in entertainment, education, brand promotion, etc.


These two companies are both powerful and reputable companies in the local area. The cooperation between Color China and these two UAE companies will increase the company's strategic layout in the Middle East. This tripartite cooperation will greatly promote the development of local culture, education and tourism in Arab countries and regions. At the same time, this is also an important measure for the global business layout of Color Star, the parent company of Color China. Up to now, Color Star has established industrial cooperation in the three regions of the Taiwan Strait, Southeast Asia and European and American countries. Soon, the company is expected to establish an offline training base in the UAE, and will make full use of the advantages of the network and platform to provide online and offline Arab Cultural entertainment performances. At that time, Color Star will also exhibit in-depth international cooperation in all aspects.


"Color Star is committed to becoming the world's top Internet entertainment company. We have established strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas and now the Middle East. The Color World App launched on December 31, 2020 will further expand our geography coverage, and we will provide our international business with strong technology and internet impetus.” said Mr. Lu Zongyue, CEO of Color Star.

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In addition, the official launch of “Color World” International APP will also bring more international cooperation. From celebrity tutors to online performances, from cultural and creative products to celebrity live broadcasts, etc., this platform will maximize the elements of "diversity, integration and internationalization". In 2021, Color Star will also bring more exciting entertainment to light up the eyes of the public.


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