The Shining Star Zhu Zhihao’s New Song Becomes Popular, Rising As The Sun

color star 12/01/2020 admin

Recently, Zhu Zhihao, is becoming increasingly popular after his newly released Chinese style song "Xu Yueqing" gained a high reputation, he appeared on the stage of CCTV more often, the number one media in China, and became a hot topic of the public and the industry.


On the 27th of last month, Zhu Zhihao’s new song "Xu Yueqing" was officially launched on the Tencent and Kugou music sections. This song still continues his Chinese ancient elements, and is still composed by himself, and the lyrics are composed by Gu Bai. More importantly, this song also invited teacher Lin Mingyang, a famous Chinese musician as the mixing part. It can be said to be quite a work of gold content and sincerity. Once the song was launched, Zhu Zhihao's delicate and gentle singing voice and the leisurely sense of ancient style received a lot of praise and recognition. In recent years, although there have been many ancient music and singers on the music scene, Zhu Zhihao has always been able to stand out and have classic works.


In addition to his outstanding performance in his personal music, he has frequently appeared on CCTV's major golden shows in recent stages, won the weekly championship of "Avenue of Stars" and became the most promising rookie star. Zhu Zhihao's shining points through songs and talents quickly became the focus of attention of the public and the industry.



Currently, Zhu Zhihao serves as a star tutor for the "Color World" APP, a global cultural and entertainment sharing platform under Color Star Technology (NASDAQ: CSCW). He will share his artistic talent here with members and fans who love music and national style elements all over the world. At the same time, the beauty of oriental art will be spread on this platform.

As Zhu Zhihao’s popularity continues to rise, and the road to acting has become wider and wider, Color Star hopes to attract more fans to become platform members with his popularity. In addition to star teaching, other content sections of "Color World" will also allow more extended cooperation with Zhu Zhihao to drive the "fan economy".


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