The international version of the "Color World" APP will be launched soon, bringing innovation and changes to the entertainment and education industry

color star 12/29/2020 admin

As a cultural technology company that builds a diversified fan economy with "star entertainment + paid knowledge" as the core, Color Star Technology (NASDAQ: CSCW hereinafter referred to as the company or Color Star) will officially launch its international version of the "Color World" APP on December 31. As early as the previous announcement of this news, it became the focus of attention of peers and major investment institutions, especially during the Christmas period just past, the stock price of Color Star in the US stock market has soared, which is undoubtedly the next software listing. The upcoming "Color World Music Festival" in the beginning of the year played a role in fueling the flames.


All business segments of "Color World" are centered around the core of "fan economy", providing professional entertainment education while meeting the growing cultural needs of the public. According to Entgroup's forecast, by 2020, China's idol market alone will reach 14 billion U.S. dollars, of which fans' consumption of celebrity-related products and services will account for half of its share. When the domestic version of "Color World" was launched, the company saw development opportunities and prospects brought by online entertainment and education sharing. After the "Color World" international version of the APP is launched, the target group will be on a global scale. With the rapid increase in the number of members and the improvement of platform content, the company's market value and brand dominance in the international market will be more guaranteed.


Next year, in addition to deepening online business, with the market environment brought about by the epidemic, Color Star will also hold various offline performances in due course. At present, the company has cooperated with famous Asian label music festivals to create a "Color World music festival" and will hold a global tour soon. At that time, the collection of tickets through offline performances and various entity-related sections combined with online live broadcasts, star courses and other content will generate multiple benefits, which will continue to bring substantial benefits to shareholders and investment partners.


The core elements of the "Color World Music Festival": international, fashion, popular, and Internet. It is colorful and full of fun. The integration of different cultures and different music focuses on interactive experience. In addition to music, the in-depth extension of the fields such as art, sports, animation, and cultural creation is the real color world. Each music festival will gather the world's top artists and flow artists. The audience participated in more than tens of thousands of people in a single show, and the peripheral products derived from the festival are also warmly sought after and loved by everyone. In addition, the "Color World Music Festival" will also actively organize major music festivals from major global labels in the future, bringing audiences unique music performances with different forms and stage effects.

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