"Fan economy" is the core, and the diversified development of Color Star Technology is very widely accepted

11/29/2020 color world

"Colorful Star, Colorful World", as a cultural technology company that builds a diversified fan economy with "star entertainment + paid knowledge" as the core, Color Star Technology (NASDAQ: CSCW hereinafter referred to as the company or Color Star) has since successfully landed in the US stock market. After the launching, it attracted much attention. Especially this year, in the cultural and entertainment industry affected by the new crown epidemic, Color Star has made bold breakthroughs, seeking opportunities in crisis, making full use of online platforms to diversify the development of the "fan economy", and increasing its market value in the US stock market. As of Thanksgiving, the stock price of Color Star has risen a lot in the US stock market.


Judging from the financial report issued by an international authoritative financial analysis just this month, the reason why Color Star is able to continue to develop rapidly under the influence of the entire industry due to the epidemic is to make full use of its previous industry advantages and deeply explore the "fan economy" "Quickly sense the sensitivity of the industry, and through the integration of online and offline methods, global development, launched the cultural and entertainment sharing platform "Color World" APP and held concerts, star performances, etc. In the report's commentary, it is described that "under the background of the rapid development of global online education, the rise of the "idol economy" and "fan culture" in Asia has further stimulated and driven the development of the entertainment education market targeted by Color Star."


What Color Star wants to drive is not only the company itself, but also the confidence and interests of investors and investment banks. Color Star also has its own understanding of how to ensure continued profitability. From the very beginning, large-scale performances were operated in the "fission mode", which used the mutual communication between fans to "circle". This also provides the most primitive and reliable "potential consumer groups" for other business sectors of the company. For groups, the "Color World" APP launched by the company continuously enriches the content of the online sector: celebrity courses, online live broadcasts, and online performances. Cultural and creative sectors, etc. to provide services to form a complete and distinctive business circle. At the same time, offline trainee training bases and performances will continue to inject the number of people into this business circle, which will further stabilize the company’s development and directly affect the stock market in the world. The increase in the market. The reason why investors and investment banks choose Color Star is because of the infinite business opportunities and huge customer base behind this.


On December 1, Color Star will be invited to participate in the "Diamond Equity Research Growth" investor conference. As the industry's high-end summit, Color Star will also bring more industry information and development trends. In addition, the company is currently making active preparations for the "Color World Music Festival" tour to be held globally soon. It is believed that in the "Color World", the public will definitely experience the most colorful entertainment experience.


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