Color Star Technology Displayed On The Nasdaq Screen, Colorful Entertainment Has Fully Activated

NEW YORK 10/22/2020 Admin

NEW YORK, Oct 22, 2020 - Color Star Technology Co., Ltd (Nasdaq CM: CSCW) (the "Company" or "Color Star"), a company engaged in the businesses of providing online and offline paid knowledge services for the media, entertainment and culture industries globally, publicly promoted the huge poster on the Nasdaq screen in New York, known as the "world's first screen". This also shows that the following related entertainment and cultural projects of Color Star Technology will be on the international stage one after another to meet the world audience.

Since October, Color Star Technology has announced a series of big moves. On Oct 15th, the Chinese version of the "Color World" app, a self-developed global cultural and entertainment sharing platform, was the first to open the online live broadcast function and invited the new generation of domestic idol artists Zhu Zhihao and Ju Laiti to act as the launch anchors to interact with fans online.

At the same time, on Oct 25th, "Color World" will continue to launch the cultural and creative products section so that you can see the most cutting-edge and latest celebrity products without leaving home. In the future, the live broadcast segment will integrate an online version of the famous Asian music festival label "Color World Music Festival" globally, bringing the most shocking experience of live music to the global audience in order to help the vitality and development of global entertainment performances after the epidemic.

As early as the beginning of September, the online version of the "Color World Music Festival" was first unveiled. The wonderful performances brought by a total of 11 top artists around the world have gained enough popularity and praise. There are more than 30 million viewers around the world, and there are 500,000registered members online. This is also allowed the organizer, Color Star to see people's desire for music and yearning for a better life, and began to actively prepare for offline performances. As soon as the news came out, it quickly ignited media attention, and it was forwarded and reported to vigorously promote it.