The platform gathers stars and assigns them to be instructors. We provide the most practical courses, the most professional artists training. The teaching model is adopted to launch webcast courses and provide students with professional, top-notch, artist courses. Outstanding trainees will have the opportunity to attend a concert performed by the stars.

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"Fan economy" is the core, and the diversified development of Color Star Technology is very widely accepted

, 11/29/2020 color world

"Colorful Star, Colorful World", as a cultural technology company that builds a diversified fan economy with "star entertainment + paid knowledge" as the core, Color Star Technology (NASDAQ: CSCW hereinafter referred to as the company or Color Star) has since successfully landed in the US stock market. After the launching, it attracted much attention. Especially this year, in the cultural and entertainment industry affected by the new crown epidemic, Color Star has made bold breakthroughs, seeking opportunities in crisis, making full use of online platforms to diversify the development of the "fan economy", and increasing its market value in the US stock market. As of Thanksgiving, the stock price of Color Star has risen a lot in the US stock market.


Color Star Technology was invited to attend the International Investor Conference on December 1st

color star, 11/25/2020 admin

On November 23, US Eastern Time, Color Star Technology (Nasdaq code: CSCW hereinafter referred to as Color Star or the company) officially announced that the company’s management will accept an official invitation on December 1 to participate in the "Diamond Equity Research Growth" investor conference.


"Color Star Technology" latest equity report released, "fan economy" has broad market prospects and influences the world

color star, 11/24/2020 admin

Color Planet's target market is the vast online education market, which is experiencing rapid growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Color Star Technology(Nasdaq code:CSCW), is an entertainment and education company whose primary business offers both online and offline innovative music education. The core content of "star online + entertainment teaching" offers the largest variety of stars and a rich entertainment teaching experience. By registering online, you can select your favorite tutors to conduct accurate and efficient learning. Color Star delivers a world-class online entertainment learning experience.

Combination of online &in-person training

All-star lineup

Pioneer in entertainment education

Exclusive career path

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Our mission is to offer students with the most professional artists training.


Hold Concerts

The company has its own Asia's top music festival brand "Color International Music Festival", and the company and its partners hold more than 150 star concerts every year.


Branches All over the World

The headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with branches in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shandong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and other places.


Minutes per Lesson

The average class duration is more than 40 minutes.


Class Categories

We provide more than 6 different class categories, covering all aspects of entertainment. music film performance music production script creation lyric professional sound engineer courses