Jun-20, 2021

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) Announces Mr. Basil Wilson’s Appointment as the Company’s New Chairman and CEO

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) Announces Mr. Basil Wilson’s Appointment as the Company’s New Chairman and CEO

Jun-20, 2021

NEW YORK, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/–Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) (hereinafter referred to as “Color Star” or the “Company”) announces the appointment of Mr. Basil Wilson as the Company’s new chairman and CEO.

As an entertainment technology company, Color Star has been committed to the development of entertainment technology products. The celebrity interaction platform, Color Star APP, has already gathered 2 million registered users and received more than 50 million views since its launch on December 31, 2020. The Company is currently developing a new augment reality (AR) interface that is designed to deliver a better interactive experience to users. The newly appointed chairman and CEO, Mr. Basil Wilson, has more than 15 years of experience in development of internet products that combine the power of technology and entertainment. Mr. Basil Wilson has worked in the technology research and development sector in entertainment companies across Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, focusing on research of smart trading of copyrights, virtual reality (VR) concert applications, and 3D virtual portraits, among others. The appointment of Mr. Basil Wilson indicates that Color Star’s commitment to advancing in the development of future technology for entertainment.

Former CEO Mr. Luke Lu has brought on significant development to Color Star Technology from launching a new software platform to accumulating millions of active users since he took office. He leveraged resources to bring onto the platform a superstar mentor team. Color Star Technology’s market capitalization has increased by more than ten-fold under his leadership. Since 2021, the stock’s trading volume has exceeded $2.1Billion, and is soon to be included in the Russell Microcap Index. The team thank Mr. Luke Lu for his achievements at Color Star and in the future, he will continue to serve as CSO of the company to lead strategic development for the company.

Mr. Luke Lu, the former CEO of Color Star, commented: “We are very pleased to have Mr. Basil Wilson join us. Currently, the Company is building up its research and development team. We will continue to build and launch new AR entertainment products, non-fungible token (NFT) products, and VR scenes. Mr. Basil Wilson’s joining will help strengthen Color Star’s technology sector and to diversify the Company’s product development capabilities. I believe he will lead the Company to new heights.”

Color Star is currently working on creating a new interface for the Color Star APP. Mr. Basil Wilson’s joining will help speed up the development process. In the future, the Color Star APP interface will replace the current menu with more intelligent interactive interface. More entertainment sections will be added, such as 3D interfaces, virtual character communities, and VR online concerts. The upgraded version is expected to launch in July 2021. During this period, Color Star will also launch the smart copyright trading center and online museums, which will make online entertainment as interactive and lively as in-person entertainment. We firmly believe that technology will change the future.

About Color Star Technology

Color Star Technology Co, Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: CSCW) is an entertainment and education company that provides online entertainment performances and online music education services. Its business operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Color China Entertainment Ltd. And CACM Group NY, Inc. The Company’s online education is provided through its Color World music and entertainment education platform. More information about the Company can be found at www.colorstarinternational.com

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