Sep-19, 2021

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) Launches Application of Metaverse Scenes, Leading the Creation of NFT-based Metaverse Products


Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) Launches Application of Metaverse Scenes, Leading the Creation of NFT-based Metaverse Products Sep-19, 2021

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) (hereinafter referred to as “Color Star” or the “Company”), an entertainment technology company with a global network that focuses on the application of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry, announces the launch of a new metaverse application scenario, which is the first phase in adopting a metaverse mode for the Company’s interactive platform Color Star APP.

Color Star metaverse

Color Star metaverse

As an entertainment technology company, Color Star has made continuous efforts and investments in developing new entertainment technologies. The Company believes the entertainment field is one of the most suitable industries for the application of metaverse. For this reason, it has set up a research laboratory in Dubai that is devoted to developing metaverse products. At present, after the introduction of virtual characters to the platform, Color Star has launched new application scenarios. In the future, the Color Star APP interface will be upgraded to a virtual scene, where users can engage in social interactions in addition to participating in entertainment activities. The Company envisions a Color Star APP that will enable more users to create a new life for themselves in the “new world”.

Mr. Basil Wilson, CEO of Color Star, commented: “We have been continuously developing and innovating in the areas of entertainment technology. Instead of simply chasing the latest “trend”, we focus our energy on utilizing advanced technologies to make the entertainment industry more diverse and enjoyable. With the launch of the metaverse interface, Color Star will allow more people to fulfill their dreams and ideals in a new virtual world that they may not be able to accomplish in real world. We will continue to devote resources and energy to developing technologies that will offer better and more convenient experiences to users worldwide.”

The new metaverse interface created by Color Star will have a series of scenes, including schools, stadiums, residential complexes, shopping malls, concert halls, cafes, restaurants, game centers, among others. The application scenarios will continue to be updated and expanded and will also be launched in non-fungible token (NFT) form. Every NFT owner will receive a personalized application scenario, and all public scenarios will be eligible for personal collection in NFT form. NFT owners will have naming rights to the particular scene application that they purchase. Color Star strives to help each individual realize his or her alternative self in the Color Star world.

Release Date: Sep-19, 2021