May-21, 2021

The authoritative analysis report of Color Star Technology is released, aiming at a huge market through high technology


The authoritative analysis report of Color Star Technology is released, aiming at a huge market through high technology May-21, 2021

Recently, an international authoritative organization for quality reporting released the latest enterprise analysis and investigation report. Color Star Technology (Nasdaq code: CSCW hereinafter referred to as: Color Star) will target a huge market through proprietary AI and AR technologies.

In the report, it mainly explained that Color Star fully integrates AI and AR technology into its products, an online celebrity interactive platform-[Color World] APP. Become a catalyst for new corporate growth trends and emerging opportunities. The company emphasized in its half-year financial report guidelines that it has developed its proprietary AI and AR system, so that the company can fully launch the use of the “Color Star” virtual world, while using its entertainment industry advantages to continue to provide consumers with a wealth of A fascinating experience. With the support of AI and AR technology, Color Star will replace the outdated single-menu mode and virtual community mode with 3D. All users can create and experience their own virtual community living in the “Color Star” virtual universe through this mode.

The company will also seek to expand cooperation with global real estate companies, automakers and top shopping malls to allow its users to shop and purchase real estate, cars and consumer goods; enrich their experience by drinking coffee, watching movies, participating in online concerts and interacting with virtual friends. Virtual life; and in the “Color Star” universe to achieve other desires that may not be achieved in real life. The survey agency believes that the company’s unique concept of “technology + entertainment + Internet” is a traditional new innovative model for the entertainment industry, and they also believe that it will provide great potential for achieving stronger profit margins, and it has various AI and AR technologies to take over the market.

Color Star is targeting the growing large-scale online education market driven by the Internet. Popularize to all parts of the world, reduce infrastructure costs, and increase the use of online learning, as well as the demand for online learning. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has further promoted the demand for online learning and its adoption by students. A large number of supply-demand relationships have brought considerable revenue and a large amount of online education content to market suppliers. The survey agency also believes that Color Star is operating global online education in a huge market driven by rapid development. With the rise of “idol economy” and “fan culture” in Asia, younger generations are more willing to participate in idol live broadcasts and spend money to support their idols and consume peripheral products.

At the same time, the popularity of the Asian celebrity cultivation industry has also inspired more ordinary people to enter the entertainment industry and pursue their dreams of becoming celebrities. Color Star will also become a global comprehensive entertainment venue education service provider that can meet the growing needs of fans and talents, and may provide professional entertainment education to more than 2 billion people around the world. The company hopes to provide students with a professional artist training platform with exclusive content and real-time interaction, as well as online learning and on-site training for the all-star coach lineup and combination. The company is positioned as a pioneer in the industry and has a good record of organizing 100 concerts every year, and it has a wide range of connections. At present, Color Star has obtained educational licenses and performance rights. It has reached service agreements with more than 40 global artists and industry professionals as lecturers on its proprietary “Color World” APP.

The “Color World” App’s revenue mainly comes from paid membership subscriptions. The price per user is US$9.9 per month. It has been expanded to online concerts and online store businesses to diversify its business income composition. We were particularly impressed by the success of Color World Online. The concert was held in September 2020, when they officially launched the “Color World” APP, which generated more than 2.2 million US dollars in revenue, and the return on investment exceeded 10%. The online concert Larry Carlton, Ashanti and Na Ying and other top artists/celebrities attracted more than 500,000 global audiences to pay and watch online, and the number of hits on global social media exceeded 10 million. This is a milestone for the company and for investors Provides an opportunity to invest in a global economy of education and entertainment content sharing with a huge potential market. As more and more international stars join, the platform will continue to attract more paying users and improve future revenue and profitability. In view of the growth potential of Color Star and relatively cheap valuation, the survey agency believes that the company has a growing online education market and a highly experienced management team, and it has high transaction volume and liquidity based on its market value, providing investors with high-risk and high-return investment opportunities.

Release Date: May-21, 2021