Jan-20, 2022

Color Star Technology Welcomes Shaq to the Team

Color Star Technology Welcomes Shaq to the Team

Jan-20, 2022

Miguel Discart from Bruxelles, Belgique, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Entertainment has been at the center of society from before the advent of modern technology. And with advancements in the internet and mobile devices making the world a smaller place, entertainment options are right at your fingertips. But it’s no longer just enough to watch your favorite events, movies and games. The current culture’s entertainment demands are more successful when they are immersive.

In other words, people want to be part of the action and feel like they’re part of the game. They want to talk with the experts and meet the actors and sports stars to feel more connected with what they want to watch. And that’s not much different than hiring well-liked celebrities to promote products in TV commercials, only this time, they are directly reaching out to their fanbase. You!

Color China Entertainment and Shaquille O’Neal

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: CSCW) is a company that offers an online entertainment platform that uses concert videos, celebrity lectures, artist interactive communications and other products to add depth and education to its services.

On August 24, 2021, Color Star signed an agreement with its subsidiary Color China Entertainment to work with Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq agreed to become a celebrity instructor on the Color Star App, an entertainment-sharing and interactive platform. 

Using his extensive knowledge on the court, he will teach basketball-related content to fans near and far. Not only that, but he’ll share stories about his time as a basketball star.

More About Shaq

O’Neal, widely known as Shaq, started his career in college when he played for the LSU Tigers. From there, he was a first draft pick for the Orlando Magic in the NBA draft back in the early 1990s. He went on to play center for the Lakers, Cavaliers and Celtics at different times until he retired as one of the greatest basketball players of all time in 2011.

But Shaq didn’t merely fade into the background when he left the court; he remained in the public eye on TV, in video games, advertisements like for Pepsi (NASDAQ: PEP), acting and music. Over the years, he became a recognizable face and household name both on and off the court.

Looking Forward

Color Star hopes that the relationship with Shaq will draw the attention of fans to the app and lead to the growth of its entertainment platform. Bringing in legendary players like O’Neal could attract other celebrities to the app and give people the opportunity to learn more about the lives of the people they look up to. That could lead to access to a broader knowledge base for members now and in the future.

Release Date: Jan-20, 2022


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